Sex Doll Use and Maintenance

Sex Doll Use and Maintenance

It is necessary to take care of your lovely doll,youd better regularly clean and inspect your sex doll in order to maintain the aesthetic appeal while putting measures in place to avoid damage and increase longevity; Sex dolls are life-long investments meant to serve you for long, here are some of the tips to enhance the durability.

Sex with your love doll

Be gentle with your new doll and move her limbs slowly as you get to know her movement limitations. Joints will be stiff at the beginning,however they will loosen up over time.

Don’t spread the legs apart more than you have to for entry. In general avoid leg overstretching and stretching for long periods as these may eventually lead to tears.

Use water-based lubricants when entering the vaginal and anal and canals to prevent tearing of the skin,it will not only enhances longevity, but it also reduces friction, thus avoiding potential injury. Using a condom is recommended and it will simplify the cleaning process.

Cleaning your love doll after use

To clean the doll we recommend the following required steps:

-- Wash the doll carefully using a clean soft sponge or cloth with mild antibacterial body soap or wash,and make sure you dry it up with a towel completely after cleaning.But do not submerge the head and the neck in the water,better clean them separately. And most importantly,if your dolls are with heating or sound features,make sure these systems are not wet;

-- Apply some baby oil if you really want but it is not necessary as all Future Dolls are with full body realistic painting,too much oil is not recommended.

-- Baby powder or corn starch should be applied with your hands to smoothen the silicone skin.

Regarding Makeup

Your love doll is with special makeup treatment before shipping;

The makeup can lasts long enough during daily normal use;

You can use makeup, just be careful while applying and avoid oil-based makeups or chemicals;

Do not use makeup removers that might remove the original make-up and not rub it in.

Clothes for Sex Doll

Make sure that any clothing put on your dolls is color transfer resistant. 

The discoloration of some darker clothes might fade or stain the surface of the sex doll. Samll area stains can usually be removed by stain-remover, but it will be a time consuming process.

Sex Doll Storage

Your love doll is manufactured in an upright position. Do not leave her in bent positions for long periods of time to avoid possible deformation.

It’s a good idea to have a clean,cool and dry storage space to enhance longevity.

To protect the doll during storage please use soft materials that do not stain. Soft blankets and foam mattresses are among the most popular and recommended materials.